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 Somali Community of Louisville

is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that has been formed exclusively for educational, cultural identity, and social purposes.

Louisville is home to over ten thousand Somali immigrants, many of whom face language, cultural and religious barriers to success. The organization helps Somalis in Kentucky to obtain the necessary resources, services, information, and skills needed to build productive and self-sufficient lives in a new land. While strengthening the Somali community by promoting mutual assistance, cultural identity, and leadership, SCL fosters the ability of Somali individuals and families to advocate on their behalf and participate constructively in the broader community.

The goal of Mentors & Meals is to enhance academic achievement through mentoring.
Mental Health and Addiction Services and Resources Treatment works! Asking for help is a sign of strength. People can lead fulfilling lives, over time, with help. Our Mental Health and Addiction Services provide resources for individuals and families, including suicide prevention, treatment and recovery resources, and more.
Youth Leadership Development
Our Youth Leadership Development services offer unique opportunities for Louisville refugees and immigrants to create change from within their own communities.
Taking a computer class is a great way to learn a new skill whether your reasons are personal or professional.
Economic development programs are created to address the economic needs of our community.
Employment Opportunities
Louisville has a dynamic economy bursting with employment opportunities, but there are many systemic barriers that prevent equal access to these opportunities.
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We present and sponsor the annual Ethiopian Day festival which puts on display Somali cultural music and food. The purpose is to have people who have different cultures than Somalis to understand and gain in-depth knowledge of the Somali culture. Sharing culture, art and history is a great way to build understanding and empathy across cultures.

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